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IDSubjectDate submittedStatus
18742unreproduciblegnunet intermittently fails its test suite on all platformsWed Oct 15 22:33:27+0200 2014Done
19248unreproduciblemoreinfoinstallation of 0.8 stops at guile prompt.Tue Dec 02 01:04:27+0100 2014Done
19797unreproduciblehydra: drvs deleted by GC, leads to aborted unrestartable buildsSat Feb 07 08:27:27+0100 2015Done
19806unreproduciblesubstitute-binary --query busy for 36 minutes with no outputSat Feb 07 19:14:27+0100 2015Done
20814unreproduciblemoreinfocloog-0.18.0 build errorSun Jun 14 23:30:27+0200 2015Done
21097unreproducibleverify-store test failure on armhf-linuxMon Jul 20 21:06:25+0200 2015Open
23475unreproduciblemoreinfono code for module (guix ui)Sat May 07 04:59:26+0200 2016Done
23807moreinfounreproducibleguix build not respecting --keep-goingMon Jun 20 07:00:26+0200 2016Done
24408unreproducible`make check` fails for builders, build-utils, cran, derivations, elpa, gexp, grafts, hackage, monads, packages, store, uiSun Sep 11 03:33:25+0200 2016Done
25328unreproduciblegpg: "Operation cancelled" with pinentry 1.0.0 on GNOMEMon Jan 02 02:50:25+0100 2017Done
26565unreproducibleIceCat hangs when entering certain websitesWed Apr 19 18:46:25+0200 2017Done
26901unreproducibleDuring offload, in procedure send-files, '=' applied to #falseSat May 13 00:12:25+0200 2017Done
27080unreproducible¨make install" fails because of missing gawkFri May 26 09:18:25+0200 2017Done
27119unreproducibleFTP doesn't time out on ftp.ciril.frSun May 28 21:54:24+0200 2017Done
27137unreproduciblemake check 'FAIL: tests/guix-package-net'Tue May 30 00:55:25+0200 2017Done
27144unreproducibleguix publish: “mutex already locked by thread”Tue May 30 13:48:25+0200 2017Done
27372unreproducibleGRUB 2.02 hangs on pre-UEFI Dell Poweredge 2950Thu Jun 15 11:18:24+0200 2017Open
27732moreinfounreproducibleChanging display manager can render system unbootableMon Jul 17 12:10:25+0200 2017Done
31838unreproduciblenotabug"make" error on guix masterFri Jun 15 02:42:24+0200 2018Done
31925unreproducible'guix substitutes' sometimes hangs on glibc 2.27Thu Jun 21 13:45:24+0200 2018Done
32197fixedunreproducibleopenssh not starting unless reconfiguredWed Jul 18 16:51:24+0200 2018Done
32377unreproducibleguix gc -> build failed: executing SQLite statement: FOREIGN KEY constraint failedMon Aug 06 22:14:25+0200 2018Done
33299unreproduciblefixed'ssh-daemon' fails to startWed Nov 07 11:04:25+0100 2018Done
34679unreproducible--load-path does not work with guix environmentWed Feb 27 21:52:25+0100 2019Done
34871unreproduciblebug: failed to compute derivation (possible duplicate)Fri Mar 15 18:55:24+0100 2019Done
36684unreproducible"View build log" - but it's empty (at first)!Tue Jul 16 08:41:25+0200 2019Done
40768unreproducibleguix pull: error: you found a bugWed Apr 22 17:04:25+0200 2020Done
41362unreproducibleerror when running guix pull on i686-linuxSun May 17 17:48:24+0200 2020Done
41715unreproducibleGuile 3.0.2 crashes with SIGBUS on x86_64 during 'guix pull'Thu Jun 04 21:12:24+0200 2020Done